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    I just noticed this bug yesterday with email on my Pre and wonder if other people have seen it and want to warn anyone before they experience the problem.

    It appears that when I forward an email that has an attachment, it looks like it is forwarding with the attachment before I send, but what's received at the other end DOES NOT HAVE THE ATTACHMENT.

    I tried an experiment and added an attachment after pressing forward, but before pressing send, and the attachment I added got sent, but the original attachment, which showed in the same list as the attachment that I added, did not arrive at the recipient's mailbox.

    Anybody else experiencing this?
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    did you download the attachment and view it before you forwarded it? I believe that the attachment isn't really there to forward unless you actually download it first then forward it. If you haven't done this yet try it.
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    Hey Yellow,
    You are right. Downloading it first does cause it to send.

    However, anytime a user does something and (reasonably) expects something to happen that doesn't happen is a problem, especially when they expect some data (with the attachment likely being the most important part of the email).

    The system should do one of two things:
    - warn the user that they need to download the attachment before forwarding, or the attachment will not be sent
    - or (better) warn the user that this will take some time as it needs to download the attachment, and after the user agrees, download and and attach the attachment.

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