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    In working with a new (replacement) handset yesterday, I decided to take the opportunity to clean off stuff I never used - stuff I had downloaded to the old phone and which had been restored by the Palm sync service to the new unit.

    In my haste, I deleted the PDF Viewer app.

    Any ideas, other than to re-image the phone, as to how to reacquire the viewer?


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    does webos repair reinstall it? Not sure since it's not a core app as far as the app list goes.
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    I too killed the PDF application when trying to run the landsape patch.
    Is there really no way of bringing it back?
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    you can web dr but I hvent gotten an answer. I think the real questionis why the pdf viewer is under downloaded apps and thus able to be deleted
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    Man oh man, I feel for you It happened to me and there is only one way Dr. the phone and start over. It had happened when I installed PDF landscape before the tweak/patch was updated. Check out this thread "for once I need help PDF". The only thing I have not done is install the landscape mode again.
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    I did the same thing. Load WeBOS Quick installer onto your desktop and use it to load Preware onto the phone. From there it's a piece of cake. Preware allows you to install the PDF Viewer very simply. It is called the "Extract PDF Viewer Application". Good luck.

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