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    I have seen others saying they've had problems since the update, but I cant even find it anymore. What happened! That was one of my favorite apps
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    right.that's also my top app.
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    Its currently under review for the App Catalog and as such the developer has taken it off Homebrew.

    It is pretty much a must app for me too - been without it now for a week so hoping Palm approve it soon.
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    If you are feeling daring, check this out.

    Patch webOS Random Wallpaper Switching - WebOS Internals

    I use it now. I have it set to switch every hour. I have to setup crond again after every update but thats not a big deal to me.
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    Thanks for you input everyone, but I think I'm just gonna wait till the new app comes out in the Palm App Store (if that is the case). I'm not to daring =) Hope its free! =)
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    I'm using that script too. I finally got it to work last night and it's been working great, also switching every hour.
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    Switcharoo is back..
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    Great! This is one of my MUST have apps. I'm glad it's back to the full version and not the limited demo version.

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