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    i dunno if this is where i should post this... but when i receive a new txt from a friend of mine, its not showing up in the messaging area, i have to send her another text to be able to view what she sent me....

    suggestions? or ideas?
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    mannually delte each msg in the conversation. Then unlink all profiles for that individual. Then link them back. Should be good after that, or at least it worked for me.
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    ummm newbie guide to doing such a thing lol

    msg's ya np, but unlinking profiles etc...

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    in contacts go to the contact with the problem tap on the contacts image or avatar this will expand a list of linked profiles for this contact. Click on each of the listed profiles and choose unlink. Note there is a thread on this but can't find it at the momment.
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    says i cant delete her cause hse is a facebook profile, so how do i go about doing that..... it doesnt give me an option to unlink her....
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    Not sure I don't have facebook contacts on my phone.

    You won't be able to delete/unlink the last one in the list. But as long as there are no linked profiles for that contact you should be good to go.

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