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    I would very much like to create a reoccuring event in my calendar for my job. The meeting is every day after lunch... easy enough. But can I exclude weekends? My ipod Touch has the ability to select each day separately with a checkbox. If you choose Mon-Frid, it comes back with 'Weekdays Only' as the selection. I miss this feature on my Pre.

    Actually, I only have to be in the meeting two weeks on and two weeks off. Being able to have more control over meeting dates would be a wonderful patch.
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    If you make a custom repeat, and then choose weekly, you can pick what days of the week it repeats on. Then you can go a step further and make it every week, or every other week, etc. Good luck!
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    Well cover me in chewy chocolate and call me Tootsie!

    I didn't see the ability to choose each day the first time I looked at Custom. Thank you, thank you thank you! I'm happy again!

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