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    I just read somewhere that Google is allowing Voice users to allow 3 friends/family members. I was wondering if there is a Kind soul here that would invite me? I'd live to try it, and make use of my currently useless app. LOL If you got a spare, let me know. If there's a price, let's negotiate. I WANT IT ASAP! lol

    Please and Thank you. l8r
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    I just got a gooogle voice number...I am not sure how to invite so i'l/you need to find out how to invite
    my price...donate to the sure the minimum amount
    but if you ask the guy and its $2 or $10 it'll be up to you
    if its 10$ and I am able to do more than 3 lines(I want2 lines) I can give yu 2 lines..or 2 invites
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    side note:
    I used gdial pro and p2gvoice and the gdial isn't as easy to you should try both

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