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    Hey guys for my full review with pics and video check out my blog, the link is in my signiture.

    As everyone who listens to The Gadget Gurus Podcast knows, I am huge on virtualizing my media. With iTunes, a Mac, and Apple TV I find that I have the perfect setup for my needs. The only pitfall to my setup is not having a proper remote to manage all of my media. The Apple infrared remote leaves a lot to be desired and don't even get me started on trying to fast forward or rewind on the Apple TV (which has no scrubber).

    Hobbyist Software has came to the rescue for Palm Pre owners. They have developed an app similar to the "Remote" app for the iPhone that lets you take control of your iTunes library. I was lucky enough to get a copy from the developer to do this review. While I have found some things I really like about Remote for the Palm Pre, I can't but help compare it to the iPhone app, which is still a little more functional. Check out my full review below:

    First thing is first, you will need two pieces of software for Remote to work. The first is the Palm Pre app, the second is an app that runs on your computer. The app is compatible with either Mac 10.5 or higher and Windows XP, Vista, or Seven. You have to "pair" the two apps together so that they can communicate. It's a simple and easy process and most should have no issues at all.

    Once the two apps are paired it's pretty easy to navigate through your playlists and find what you want to play. The Remote portion of the app gives you the standard pause, play, fast forward, rewind, shuffle buttons as well as volume and track scrubbers. The track scrubber comes in handy quite often as I watch a lot of movies/tv shows on my Mac/Apple TV, and being able to quickly scrub to where I want is a huge bonus for me.

    The scrubber works really really well. There is almost zero lag between scrubbing on the remote and your media. This is a major plus for me as there is no way to quickly fast forward or rewind on the Apple TV. When scrolling through playlists the app picks up all of your album art, and even displays it while you are watching/listening to your media, a very nice touch. The way the app handles playlists is a gripe of mine though. For some reason it does not display all of the playlists I have in iTunes. For example Remote will show my "movies" playlist, but not my "Tv Shows" or "Podcasts" playlist. I have talked with the developer and he is aware of the issue and is working on it. Another issue that I have found is that when loading a large library or playlist, the app will freeze and get very sluggish. After you let it load, all is well and speedy again though. One other thing that I would like to see changed in the next version is when you select something from your playlist, the app doesn't automatically take you to the "remote" view. You have to manually swipe back to get to it. A minor inconvenience, but it would be nice if the app went right into remote view after selecting your media.

    Another really nice feature is the ability to search your playlists by typing. Unforunetly iTunes Remote does not organize your library by album, artists, or songs, so unless you have what you want broken into playlists, it can be a little troublesome to find what your are looking for. Thats when universal search really comes in handy. Hopefully in future versions of the app organization will be improved on.

    Also owning an iPhone and using Apple's remote app, I can say that iTunes Remote for the Palm Pre has a little bit to go before it is as functional. If you don't have an iPhone and use iTunes/Apple TV, this app is a definite must and worth the $4.95! I am really looking forward to seeing it mature and gain some more features in the future.

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    Thanks for the review. Looks like it still has a few kinks but overall I like it.
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    Has the rTunes helper app for OS X been updated? I tried long ago, but couldnt get this app to work.

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