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    is there an app for a traffic counter? I have "only" 200 MB per month for Internet, and i would like to see, how much i used in a month. Is that possible?



    P.S. I'm from Germany, sorry for my english
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    Hi rondera,

    There's no app as of yet. But if you are comfortable using a command line, you can install the Terminal application from Preware. Type in "ifconfig", and it will display a list of network interfaces. "ppp0" should be your phone radio, although I'm not 100% sure since I don't have a Pre yet.

    I attached a screenshot. "RX bytes" displays how much data you've downloaded since the phone last booted.

    Hope this helps...
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    Tim Carroll, Blogger
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    Hm ok, its very circuitous... Than i will wait for an App Thank you although
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    In the USA Sprint allows you to log in to your wireless account on line and view the data usage.....does O2 have a similar option?
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    Ehm, i don't try it out yet, because i bought my pre yesterday. I will be try it later, thanks for the tip
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    My T-Mobile contract didn't have any free online so I checked my Bill this morning and was a bit stunned by the 20 € online extra...
    Stupid me thought i could stop the Pre from calling home. I hope there will be a traffic counter, so stupid people like me won't pay for their stupidity

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