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    Just downloaded this app... Lovin it!! Its a great quick way to "speed dial" the folks you dial most often!

    Call the people you talk with the mostójust by tapping their picture. Easily add your favorite numbers and display them in either grid or list views.

    You can also have it put their name on the photo.
    Excellent app!
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    yeah its a good app.
    make a call without opening the slider searching for a contact.
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    Yep, use it all the time (especially with no voice dial ... bah humbug). I prefer the list view myself ... somehow the text registers with my feeble brain better than the image 8^).
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    Has anyone tried to upgrade from the app catalog? The developer commented in the reviews that everyone who had it before would get the full program for free, but I can't seem to update the software.

    Any thoughts?
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    I had problems with the previous version, but the one that went up yesterday worked for me.

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