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    One thing that I am still missing from my Treo is my Infinity Software financial calculaor. I've been patiently waiting for something to appear on the app store, but I just received an email from Infinity Software that they won't be able to make their calculator for the Pre. This explains the reason why: Palm Pre, FastFigures and powerOne Elia Insider

    If this is truly the case, I hope Palm will either address the issue or find another way to get a good financial calculator (present value, future value, mortgages, etc) physically on the Pre. I can use Infinity's online website, iPhone, Web Calculators For Professionals, Students - FastFigures but I don't like having to rely on the web being accessible to do a calculation.

    Other than "home-brew" stuff, has anyone heard of another solution coming soon? I'm just not going to go the home brew route as that just isn't my "area" and I'll end up screwing something up
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    Time to revive some of these old threads. A PowerOne replacement has come to webOS and it is called T-Money and it is available through the App Catalog. I suggest that you download the beta version as it has more options than the official version for now.

    Here is the official thread:

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