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    When I tried to enter my Hotsync ID in that program, I kept getting triple (i.e. tttrrriiipppllleee) letters on the screen. I finally figured a workaround (can't remember exactly what I did, but it involved pressing CAPS, then undoing for each letter, or something like that).

    GREAT idea to include Hotsync ID software, BTW, though maybe it's not so necessary with the ability to actually sync now. But, I like the ability to run registered software without the need to sync, which I don't intend to do at present

    Just D/L'd Classic yesterday to see if it will run an old piece of Palm software I've been running since PalmIII, and is the one reason I felt the need to try Classic. MathPad (which has not been available since the days of the PalmV!), solves systems of equations, and is very powerful, yet with a very simple, memopad-like UI. So far, it seems to work.

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    My was doing that this morning and it was driving me nuts! It went away after I changed the mode from normal to games or something like that.
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    There is a bug in Classic that causes it to repeat characters based on how many times you used the "reset" function from the menu. I have had it repeat up to 5 characters at once. You have to close the Classic card and start it again and all will be well.

    Hope this helps.

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