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    this is so awesome I just checked the app catalog to see that they added another pic hunt game if we get 55,000 more pichunt apps we will have as many apps as the iphone. So glad to see we are not getting any useful apps or quality games.
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    hahaha, I was thinking the same.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PreGk View Post
    hahaha, I was thinking the same.
    me 3!

    I was expecting at least 5 or 6 NEW (non homebrew) apps per day once paid apps hit. If not every day, at least on one dedicated day per week, like Thursdays.
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    Thursday is not over yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrjcarter View Post
    Thursday is not over yet.
    I just tried to download something and got "App store unavailable" error. Tried to go back to the catalog list and I got the same error...

    Maybe Thursday really isn't over!

    Update: it's back no change in apps
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