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    Resco Backup was the easiest way for me to transfer an app complete with its preferences and databases from my Centro to Classic on the Pre.

    I had it set to automatically backup my Centro every day, but this scheduling doesn't seem to work in Classic. Classic launches at the scheduled time but Resco Backup doesn't run.

    So here's the way I did it: PalmaryClock will let you create alarms that launch an app. So now there's a PalmaryClock alarm that "wakes up" Classic a couple of minutes before the scheduled Resco Backup, which then completes successfully .

    Hope this helps someone.
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    NV backup seems to run scheduled backups correctly for me. (at least 4 nights worth). No issues like this one.

    So far, I'm not able to off-board my backups to an ftp site though (neither manually nor automated). The process starts and connects appropriately to the ftp site, but bogs down when beginning binary transfers and times-out ... Classic by MotionApps?
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    Will Palmary Clock work on the Pre? I need to be able to launch an audio weblink or an app on a schedule. i currently use Palmary CLock on my treo 700P and it works great - just need the Pre to be able to do this..

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