Scan2PDF I'm not sure if any of you have used this app before, but I use it on my WM phone and it's fantastic! Basically, it takes your phones camera (which my WM phone...the Fuze..had 3.2mp) and you take a snapshot of anything a document or a whiteboard, etc. and it turns it into a real pdf file (not some pdf-like, but actual pdf file). You can take several shots, like 5 for example, and say take all of these and make one 5-page pdf file, it then allows you to email the pdf or store it. When you choose the email option, it asks which account do you want to send from. We submit our expense reports online and scan in receipts and as a mobile worker, this app is fantastic! It only costs like $14 on the WM time fee and all of the upgrades have been free.

I emailled the developer and he emailled me back saying that due to demand he is about to launch the app on the iPhone, Symbian, and BB, but said he had not had a lot of requests for the Pre/WebOS. He said if he gets a lot of requests for the Pre, he will certainly do it. Here is their website and the email address for the developer.

Product Name: Scan2PDFMobile
Developer Name: Paul Burrowes
Company Name: Burrotech
Email address: (you have to go through the URL and post through support. I don't want to give out his direct email address, but he did respond immediately. The app is a big seller on Handango.[URL=""]