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    Anyone know of any app been developed to support custom ringers. I dislike how we have to chose from our music and only have the beginning of the song?
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    use MP3 Trim.. you can make any part of the song your ringtone.. if you want to download pemade ringtones go to - register for the forum and download to your ringtone folder
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    I have also found some pretty cool ringers at I didn't even sign up yet. I just browse and DL some nice ring tones and wallpaper for my pre.

    I also use Audacity to trim my songs when I feel like it.
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    zedge is the stuff. There are almost too many ringers on there.
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    Can someone answer... what format can the ringtones be?
    I've got tons of them in wma for my WM device.
    I've found about half of them as mp3.
    Will any other formats work besides mp3??

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