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    Since 1.2 added LinkedIn support, I've been trying out LinkedIn. I've only got a few contacts on it so far, but having the job information in the contact page is invaluable.

    However, 1.2 made the old version of the LinkedIn separate app almost entirely useless. You could view details about jobs, and that was just about the only feature it added. You were also able to add new connections in it, but you needed the person's name and email address.

    As of yesterday, however, there's a new version. I wasn't quite sure at first what the changes were other than a search bar, which appeared at first glance to search only locally. It turns out though that this searches on the web as well, which is something that the original version was definitely missing. After finding the person, you can also then press the add button and it'll automatically fill in their name, but you still need an email address.

    Personally, I think that if I meet someone somewhere that I want to share information with, I should be able to just do it by searching their name and not need to ask their email address as well, but still, it's an improvement.
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    Any links to the LinkedIn app itself? I'm very curious about this app. IIRC, I don't think it's available for Windows Mobile, just WebOS.

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