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    Ok so i get a homebrew app and use it for months than one day it doesn't work anymore and the creator say look in the apps catalog. WELL I CAN'T DOWNLOAD FROM THE APPS CATALOG!!!! I would pay. i've tried to pay. but i don't have free memory

    i think just about everyone on this forum is out of memory. so please don't make your homebrew apps expire, or demand that palm gives us more memory!
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    Right now i'm kinda just taking this as "it goes with the territory" meaning you homebrew you know you can't download offical apps unless you dump most of them.

    When something cool comes to the app catalog I may change my stance. lol
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    I look at homebrew as a sweet bonus. The apps may be a little elementary, and some are buggy, but all are free. Most are useful and fun, but the reality is they're all just beta apps and we're testing them for the developers. I think it's fun to try them out for a while but these people want to get paid. The real problem is memory and limits on the number of apps/launcher pages (I know about the patches, but still). I doubt there's a way to improve the built-in memory and there's no external card, so we're stuck.

    The other problem that people don't really understand is that this phone is not the toy the iPhone is. I don't even think Palm understands that, and if they do they won't admit it. This phone is a workhorse, a tool for business and productivity. Sure you can put a few cool games on there, but the Pre is much better at getting stuff done, not wasting time. It would benice to do both, but especially with a device that only has 8GB, what can you get on there before you're short on memory?

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