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    Topple ball
    Sims 3
    Brain challenge
    Brothers in arms
    Oregon Trail
    Vlc remote
    zombie invasion
    word whirl
    pic sketcher
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    I've bought way too many apps myself:

    Birthdays, WOG Card Keeper, Twee, FlightView, Weather Dashboard, Pack'n'Track, Dealert, Top Stocks, mCraig...

    And then too many games to list them all. Something like 30 of them.

    mCraig was a carryover from when it was free though. If I had any idea that the real 3D games were coming so soon, there's quite a few of the games that I wouldn't have bought, though. Oh well.
    how do you like weather dashboard??
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    Apps I've bought:

    Checkbook - Great, lots of features, easy setup of adding accounts and entries, exportable, looks great.

    Tea Time - Great, I'm a tea nerd so this is a must for me, it's very good to time tea and temp and to look up tea types, everything I can think of is listed

    PowerNap - Excellent, very loud alarm and quick set up of the time needed, for nap or whatever use you need, for example I also use it for baking

    Twee - Excellent Twitter App! Does everything I could think of including upload to twitpic, reply, retweet, tending topics, etc. and looks really nice

    Tilt A Maze - Great, Fun time waster and impressive to show the accelerometer to people

    Are you watching this - Great, it's an app that shows what sports games are on TV right now, very good since it has all the sports. I track Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, but they also have Soccer, Women's BBall, College Football and BBall, Auto Racing, and some other stuff I don't recognize. I wish it would have a way of feeding in the scores of live games.

    Tetris Mania by EA - Most expensive app I've bought ($7.99) It's hard to lose or be challenged because it's slow. But the graphics are perfect and it's still fun.

    I am thinking about purchasing the following: Ski for Pre, Top Stocks or MoreStocks, Fml Shake, Klondike Solitaire. If anyone recommends or does not recommend, I'd appreciate the comments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garnetlove View Post

    I am thinking about purchasing the following: Ski for Pre, Top Stocks or MoreStocks, Fml Shake, Klondike Solitaire. If anyone recommends or does not recommend, I'd appreciate the comments.
    I definitely recommend MoreStocks over Top Stocks. I've purchased MoreStocks and the developer is extremely receptive to feedback and releases updates very frequently based on suggestions (it seems like there are new features released every 2 weeks!). It also has real-time prices and much better charts. MoreStocks has every feature found in Top Stocks plus more. IMO, MoreStocks is significantly better.
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    None really worths any money yet, I think. Old Palm apps like Agendus surely beat these pathetic one-task widgets hand down.

    Sad that PALM did not pull enough developers ahead of time for this OS. They wanna play the Apple 's games by copying every step from secret games to upgrading, etc... But the copier is not doing it any better than the original, only worse.

    After 1.4, basic phone functions are not even fully support.
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    oh jeez I've bought golf caddie free caddie pro bing search chrnic attack lets golf nfl robot football navy defense paratroopers mobile war fish hunting gangsatr west coast hustle paper football tilt gt and lol
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    Facebook Chat.
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    stickyman, drpodder, tweetme, bad kitty, wobble words, mytether (donation)
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    Quote Originally Posted by grandebob View Post
    How about you, what app(s) have you bought and why?
    Super KO Boxing 2 - cool game and fantastic graphics, though I'm stuck on the Chief

    NOVA - Interesting and just what I wanted, Halo only better on my Pre. Only problem turning around when baddy is behind ya.

    Defense Warfare - another time consumer and good game...would love to be able to make my own levels and download other contributions, but it still Rocks!

    Actually, since 1.4.5 and PDK is about to go official, I'm looking forward to Astraware and other app (word/excel editor - would be useful and suspect Palm/HP has something up) developers contributing real applications beyond just game.

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    I bought Shopping Manager and I really love it so far. I am a new Pre user (longtime Palm user) so I have not yet splurged on many of the applications. But I found this one well worth the money. I am a big list maker anyway, and an avid couponer. I can't believe how much time this saved me the first time I used it. It did take a little time to set it up but I can see how much time it will save me in the future.
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    I went a bit crazy with this half off sale, and happy with all of them so far for the price.

    MediaCenter Remote
    DrPodder (Finally paid for this one)

    Long Business Trip no XBox
    Jump O'Clock
    Let's Golf
    Dragon Game
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    AccuWeather (it's accurate and UI is very nice), Checkbook (essential to my life), Communicate (tired of using a launcher page for contacts), Cronk (fun!), Crosswords (addicted), Done! (tired of using calendar all day events to remember stuff), Jewel Quest III (the jury's out), Ancient Frog/Essential Cooking Calculators/Mahjong Solitaire (it was buy an app day), Newsroom (I'm a news junkie), Notes (a great improvement over the native app), Orbium (fun!), Google Account Search/Photo Effects Plus/Popelli Reader/Radio Hibiki/Wifi Media Sync (seemed like a good idea at the time), Scrabble (I'm an addict), Shopping Manager (I have kids, need food), Simple Weather (wanted weather in the launcher), Sodoku Plus (wanted to see what the Sodoku craze was all about), Timepiece (needed good alarm), Uno/Wobble Words/Word Whirl/Yahtzee (got tired of waiting for Astraware), and a few others I've since deleted.

    I've supported the following apps through donations:
    Agenda (essential for daily planning), Internalz (essential period), Preware (critical for satisfaction with my Pre), and Quick Event (saves me a lot of time entering appointments).

    I would donate to support development of these apps if the developers accepted donations:
    Simple Bible (I can wait for the paid app, though)
    Keyring (another essential app for my aging brain)
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    Best time wasters I've bought are Dragon Hunter and Robot Football...
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    I've bought Dungeon Hunter, Scrabble, How To Train Your Dragon, Wobble Words.

    By far my most used app is Dr. Podder. I'll admit that I haven't paid for it... Probably will buy it even though he also gives it away just to thank him for making it. That app keeps me sane on my commute!
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    You view you view youview; love it, i actually finally check my voicemail. on sale for 2.00 during half price sale.
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    Nova. I like it...
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    bible reader plus
    family guy
    plumbers nightmare
    and others i cant remember or havent used
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    Tweed (like the functionality, hate the interface)
    Twee (my current twitter client of choice)
    TweetMe (LOVE the interface, but a bit lacking)
    Asphalt 5 (Very much similar to Need For Speed)
    Deer Hunter (wasted hours at this game)
    Dragon Game (seems to be targeted toward younger children)
    Glyder 2 (cant make it past the first island thingy)
    Jump O'Clock (EXTREMELY addictive)
    Transformers G1 (boring)
    Wallpaper Switcharoo (useless)
    ----Looking to buy more, if any suggestions!
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    all of them. well, far too many to list them all.... ;-/

    at least 150 bucks worth - 2-5 bucks a week is my limit. ...besides coffee, apps are my addiction...

    The best:

    YouMail, MoreStocks, SportsLive, NewsRoom, Classic, Net2StreamsPro, X-Plane (all), Tweed, PeopleFinder, SuperContacts+, GolfPinFinder, What'sForDinnerPremium, GoToTool, GeoStrings, GeotasksPro, GPSDashboard+, MappingTool, Digloo, RevisionCast, PodSnatcher, NewsNearMe, drPodder, iCoach, WorkOutTracker, TimeTrackerPro, FlightView, PlaneSpotter, SkyClimber, N.O.V.A. , MunduIM, WeatherDashboard, WeatherIcon, WeatherBug, ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ifeellikeastar View Post
    ----Looking to buy more, if any suggestions!
    I always recommend DrPodder. Best solution I've found for listening to podcasts in the car. Not only plays them, but can stream them AND it manages them for you ala Tivo. Once you finish listening to a podcast DrPodder deletes it. Brilliant!
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