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    I bought Friends Flow when it went to the App Catalog, heckuva lot easier than logging on to the website.
    Also bought Classic early on because of a Chinese language program I have, and bought Pocket Mirror early on (but at the reduced price) because I need my work contacts and calendar handy.
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    none. Haven't seen any apps worth paying for yet.
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    Just bought the full version of Tweed because i've used $1.99 worth of the beta enough that I want to support the developer.

    I legit would've been fine with the trial, but sometimes its just nice to say thank you to the developer with a small payment. I spend more on a beer when i go out.
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    I, too, just bought version 1.0 of Tweed and like it very much.
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    What new notification system is the new TWEED sporting? The same as the trial?

    What other major diffrences besides photo upload? I mostly use facebook for personal life (family, friends) and use twitter for everything else like staying updated with news etc.

    Considering it but I dont use twitter for anything personal. I have 2 accounts one t ofollow all i am interested and my personal with a few friends but they hardly go there.
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    There's a better run down here than I could ever provide.
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    I have,
    Mine Searcher - Great for a buck,
    Peg IQ - Cant wait for version 2 with the cross its pictured on there site,
    Color Match - fun and challenging, does what it says
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    i had weather bug waste of money, i deleted and got weather channel ap, i have friends flow and twee. for some reason friends flow does not alert me even though I turned on updates?
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    friends flow and AirHockey
    SCK Manager
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    Absolute Fitness is the only app I've paid for so far.

    I refuse to pay for things that should be free such as Facebook and Twitter apps.

    I'll just use the mobile site or the "free" versions, thanks.
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    I bought WorldWhirl, WeatherBug, and Tweed. And 40 favor points in m:mafia. I'm 401242435. Add me if you play
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattykinsx View Post
    I refuse to pay for things that should be free such as Facebook and Twitter apps.

    I'll just use the mobile site or the "free" versions, thanks.
    You realize that those are developed not by Twitter and Facebook but by independent developers? They are developed either because the mobile site version is too basic or they make using the service more convenient by utilizing notifications, adding preferences, integration with email and so on.

    You should look at what the app for that particular service does that adds value over the free mobile site version. If it doesn't add much, maybe it's not worth paying for. If it makes it noticeably more convenient, you're only depriving yourself. No need to be ideological about it.

    Independent developers that produce a client for Twitter or Facebook don't get paid by these companies, they can only charge for their apps to recoup their investment.
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    I bought word whirl, wobble words, and newsroom. Love all three, use them daily.

    Would buy switcharoo --- when it gets into the catalog.
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    Bought Tweed and thats it so far. Pack n Track is cool, but it isn't worth what the author is charging for it. I played a lot of word whirl when it was in home brew, although I don't play it much anymore so I haven't purchased it yet.
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    English dictionary for me love it to because its also a thesaurus too lol
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    I've gotten a few (though I don't recall which are free and which are paid, so sorry if there are free ones listed below):

    Air Hockey
    Bible Dictionary
    Brush Stroke Pro
    DOF Calculator
    My Translator
    Net2Streams Pro
    Sports Calendar

    (I also purchased dkGoogleVoice, but it didn't work well and I like the gDial Pro one better so got that when it came out and deleted dkGoogleVoice.)
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    Zombie Invasion.... $1
    Dealert.................. $2

    Both are highly recommended.
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    Tweed, and ScreamIt.
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    I've bought Word Whirl, Checkers Pro, Sports Calendar, Converty, Quick Contacts, PhotoDialer, and Stopwatch / Timer.
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    I bought Tweed and Zombie Invasion. I'd buy SplashID, but it doesn't seem to offer any backing up features at this point.
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