Hi, I just submitted the some NV Backup related questions to MotionApps as a ticket, but thought I'd post here to see if any other users have experienced this issue. (not actually submitted as part of my ticket, but feel free to address it there too if you like MA)

Today, I was trying out NV backup on Classic -- mainly just to see if it works. Now that Hotsync's available, it's less likely that I'll lose my Pocket Quicken data except possibly due to losing my Pre or while on long business trips when I don't get to Hoysync with home PC.

Anyway, NV backup does appear to work fine as a backup to Classic's USB drive folder (under /Palm/NVBackup I think).

- My question (don't have time to test this now) is will 'scheduled' NV Backups run at their scheduled time(s) if Classic is not running as a WebOS card?

However, at this time, I can't get NV Backup's FTP export funcationality to work. The FTP process connects successfully to my hosted server, and creates the appropriate directories, but hangs (and re-tries multiple times) when it begins the binary connection to actually upload files. It appears that some files do appear in the ftp directory (when logged in from my work pc)... so I guess it might just go very very slow (which isn't good).

Is there anyone else who has tested NV's FTP functionality from the Pre?