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    Just went to app store and read that I could update my blockdrop app I downloaded from the homebrew section. Said "tap to update" never asked me to purchase it nor did it show price.
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    I had the same experience. It did show a price in the description, but didn't charge for the update from homebrew to app catalog version. I suspect this is probably a bug or perhaps an oversight in how upgrading app packages works. I'll bet we see a change to this in the future.
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    crashed mine pre when i tried. then told me i can't install because of the memory limit. even though i've already uninstalled 15 apps and only have 10 or 12 now. The pre app catalog is basically a cluster**** for me. nothing's working on my phone right now. it's crashing the phone and not letting me install anything. i'm kinda threw at this point. just gonna hope it get's resolved in the next couple days.
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    This does look like an oversight by PALM and the Homebrew Developers. I just downloaded "updated" from the app store word whirl & block Drop. I think Precentral should work with the developers so that when an app graduates the developer can either remove the app from its gallery. Or upload a new version that isn't recognized by the official app store. Probably a simple change of the system name to something different from the official app should stop undesired updates, i.e. loss of profits.

    Unless the Developer is willing to reward early testers the privilege of a free app. In that case THANKS!!!!!
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    It is a serious bug in the App Catalog and Palm is aware of it and working quickly to remedy it.

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