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    Hey for that 3rd paid App Block Drop i already had the free version installed on my phone so when i went to it again and looked at the pay version i noticed it came up as an update. I downloaded the update which was free and now when i go back to the App store to see if i actually downloaded this $5 app is says "Tap to Launch" like i've got it installed already. Now i definitely didnt pay for it since i dont have my credit card info stored to my Palm profile. Has anyone else noticed this issue with the paid apps. If you have a previous version installed on your phone and getting the new update for free?
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    well i wanted to get that out but obviously if thats a flaw then its a damn good one please admin or sups can delete this post before it gets out that this is happening
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    I think this post may get
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    Quote Originally Posted by therb007 View Post
    I think this post may get
    I hope it doesn't.

    Developers deserve to get paid for their work, and shouldn't be penalized for sharing beta versions of their apps with the homebrew community.
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    You know what you are right if it wasnt for these awesome developers i wouldnt be able to have so many cool apps on my phone right now.....I apologize to all developers for being so selfish but i did point out a flaw and we will see where this goes
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    Honestly, we don't know that it is a flaw. It may very well be that it is free for beta testers (a gift for putting up with bugs and helping to test it before it was ready for primetime).
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    def an oversight in appid checks. ffs palm, doesn't anyone check anything first?

    on top of that there's other flaws in the code for bypassing, on top of other...issues...

    it's almost comical really...

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