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    Has anyoe played this game and have a review?
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    i tried it out when I found it the other day, it was ok...played for a few minutes then stopped...not a bad app, just kinda bland. but it's by no means terrible...

    give it a try,

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    I found it very hard to follow the game based on the view of the board. I'm sure I could get used to it, but I would prefer a top down game board.
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    I've played a few rounds on it, takes some getting used to. The view of the board is almost useless. I'm not sure how tough the AI is, I've won every game. Still its a decent port and enjoyable, hopefully the dev keeps up the work on it.
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    It's OK. I had a version on my centro that was light years better. Some of the rent prices are wrong, and it has some limitations (you can only trade one property at a time).

    I agree, the board view is useless.
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    i removed it. was pretty lame.
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    i downloaded it, never played it, still on my device. hmmm.....
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    I have's not too bad. It's a little TOO generic though. The property names are like "Maroon 1", Maroon 2", "Dark Blue 1"...etc. No Baltic or Mediterranean Ave. I guess that's due to copyright issues.

    The game does have the option to rename the properties but, that would be a lot of work.

    I think it plays pretty well. I'd like to see more options on number of players, number of computer players, etc.
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    way too dinosaur. nice thought though.
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    I kind of like it, but agree that it still needs a lot of work. Has a good number of bugs.
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    Good idea...App I dont think did it right.....
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    Plays pretty good except for the board view. I like the fact you can change the names of the properties to anything you want...I set them up identical to the real game so it's easier to follow. You can also rename the player pieces which helps follow your turn. Personally, I like it!
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    OK time passer. Board view is useless. has some nice user modifiable things like propert names and board pieces. Not enough in the area of number of players and I dunno if I think the AI is dumb, but it basically just buys everything and then you try to make beneficial trades.

    Basically it's a time waster. Not sure I expected anything more.
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    I've played it quite a bit and it's pretty decent with all the updates. It has all the features you would expect in Monopoly. The AI is very basic, but how much fun can Monopoly be with a computer? You should be playing with real people. If you understand the way the AI negotiates, it's very easy to control the game by making sure the computer can't form any monopolies. Overall, it's fun and has everything Monopoly should have. If there's anything you don't like about it, you can post in the Preopoly thread and it may improve the game. I don't know what your expectations are, but I think it's worth a try.
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    It's the most played game on my Pre, with Checkers a close second. I like it as it's a good time waster if I'm sitting on the can.
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    Thanks. I downloaded it and played a couple of times. Timewaster, but still cool to have and playing with real people is much better. Thanks all.
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    I played for a few minutes but got bored. The app needs some serious interaction upgrades to be able to play through an entire game or be more than just a brief time taker.
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    what do you guys think? is it worth it?
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    Are you guys trying to compare that to the new EA Monopoly that just came out?

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    I have this app. It plays ok. but gets old quick. It is cool to have when you want to spend some time with your kid playing a board game but are too lazy to pull out the board. Or like me out and about and just waiting for food or passing the time on the road.
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