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    if I click on the showtimes tab I get a message saying it ca nt locate the info at my gps coordinates. Other programs I have that use location services seem to work fine. This problem started after web os 1.2, and installation of hombrew google voice app gpro.
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    Same thing was happening to me. My simple solution was to try out Fandango to see if that would retrieve times for me. Low and behold, it worked, and I actually think I like Fandango better. I suggest trying it out if you haven't already.
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    I noticed this yesterday too.... I usually prefer flixster but it wouldn't load movie times so I just went into fandango.
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    i like using flixter, if anyone finds a fix please post.
    i dont know if its due to a 1.2 update or because i patched something.
    i tried uninstalling flixster and reinstalling, still no luck locating movies times
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    I really liked Flixster but this not working is enough to make me go to Fandango. It's a shame, liked their UI better.

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