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    after i ran the webOS 1.2 update, i saw that yahoo messenger was added to the list. cool... but it won't log in... it just sits there.

    anyone gotta take on this? a fix perhaps?
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    Not on mine. You must've added the messaging patch....
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    not on yours... you mean you don't have yahoo messenger or you don't have any issues logging into it?
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    I found yahoo messenger on mine after 1.2 but then removed all my patches and upgraded to 1.2.1 and now yahoo is gone. I'm pretty sure I didn't add any patch to add yahoo in the first place and I barely use aim.
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    Um, my messaging app doesn't have Yahoo, and I'm at 1.2.1.
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    mine either. Also at 1.2.1
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    on wich list ? you mean that we will have Yahoo Messenger with the new upgrade?
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    Just re-install the messaging patch using QI. Thats what I did and worked like a charm.
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    where's Yahoo Mess?
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    Same here, Yahoo Messenger disappeared after updating to 1.21
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    where do i update my phone to get 1.2.1. i checked the updates app on my pre and says my phone is upto date, but when i check on my device it shows me i have 1.2? any ideas
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    I had the same problem. I ended up using the new WebOSDoctor 1.2.0 restarted my phone a second time after running WOSD and was able to get the update for 1.2.1 after that. Make sure to Backup all your info and save a copy on your hard drive.

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