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    Hello all,

    I am a noob to the noob definition. Love the site and all it has done to help me.

    Have a quick question. is there anything for the Pre that will allow the tracking, updating, etc of college football scores, i am guessing much like the NFL app that come with sprint (that i have sinced removed thanks to this forum)?

    this is my first "app" type phone, never even owned a iphone, touch or other palm device... so forgive my ignorance on the question.

    thanks for any information
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    I think the best options are and ur other favorite websites as of right now...hopefully those sports apps come soon!!
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    nope desperately waiting for a scoreboard app
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    I too am a big NCAA football fan. If I had the time or knowledge, I would love to take a swing at developing a killer NCAA app.
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    thanks everyone for the responses..... i'll be standing by for someone to make one, because i am sure dont know how
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    I'm curious what the reason is that people here told you to remove the nfl app
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    for those that dont like it,,,, i imagine. i dont use it, no need to be "forced" to have it pop up on my screen. the people here who told me to remove it,,,, didnt tell me to, there is a tweek that allows you to remove it...
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    Well there is finally an APP at the store... College SuperFans ... it looks nice but it has some work to do. Mainly updating and refreshing. it is a heck of a start though. Really looking forward to the creator keeping it updated.

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