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    So today I pick up my phone and I get a notification that there is an update available 1.2.0 and it needs to be installed.
    I'm a little confused because I already updated the phone... so I'd like to see if there is anything new.
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    I here it is a bug?
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    I got that last night. I uninstalled all my patches ran the update and reinstalled all the patches. It seems to run faster! It might just be in my head.
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    no what is said is that if the update does not install correctly it will auto reinstall that second or even a third time
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    the damn thing installed on its own, i think im screwed
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    My phone actually prompted me 3 times for the 1.2 update, I did them all and then it finally gave me the 1.2.1 update..weird..
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