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    I've been desperately waiting for Web-OS 1.2 so that I could hot sync Classic (for Pocket Quicken, primarily) - However I can't for the life of me get it to work. Does anyone have some detailed instructions as to how EXACLTY the Hot sync in Classic, and on the desktop, should be configured?

    I have Pocket Mirror for the Pre to sync my Outlook contacts and calendar wirelessly, and that's working perfectly... so I'm a little baffled as to why I can't get the hot sync to function. I've watched the video, and done everything there, and the desktop is has is set up for network sync.....
    please help.

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    We have a tutorial in the works, but here’s a checklist and instructions from retrobits to try and see if this will help

    Here’s help from davim00 too

    Check if you have some firewalls in place, and if local network works correctly.

    Hope this will help!
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    The Detailed instructions from davim00 seem to have done the trick - Hotsync is now working just fine - Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by wewaska View Post
    The Detailed instructions from davim00 seem to have done the trick - Hotsync is now working just fine - Thanks!
    Sweet! Hotsyncing is awesome, isn't it?
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    I finally got Hotsync to work at least via WiFi. However, I'm running into the problem of losing my WiFi connection after Hotsync. I get the message "Association Failed" after I try to re-establish Wifi connection. Only thing that I've found that works is turning off the router and restarting it. Then it picks the signal back up. This occur for anyone else? Any fixes for this as turning on and off the router is inconvenient. Thanks.
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    I've had no wi-fi problems at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wewaska View Post
    I've had no wi-fi problems at all.
    What router do you use? Which operating system? Maybe we can figure out why some do and some don't.

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    Linksys WRT54GL Wireless G Broadband Router. Win Vista 64 bit on my laptop. Win XP on my desktop. I've not had such problems of losing WiFi connection with my trusty old Palm T/X or my laptop.

    After I power off and on the router the Pre is able to connect. When I lose the WiFi connection somehow and try to reconnect, I get the "Connecting...Association Failed...Connecting..." Loop problem. My router has been rock stable in terms of connecting my laptop to the internet. I have WPA/WPA2 security, but the pw obviously works because I can still sometimes connect.

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    WiFi seems to be working better now--ever since I removed the battery for a few hours while installing Phantom Skinz and later reinserting it and restarting the Pre. Still lose WiFi every now and again, but the Pre picks up the signal much better now after turning WiFi back on.
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    Ok, I've got it working, but it insists on having me set up a new use account, which of course means none of the data in my Palm Desktop makes it onto my Pre. In fact, the FAQ says:

    "We strongly recommend that you create a new user and start with the clean sync, instead of using an old user with data from your old Palm OS device."

    Am I missing something, or isn't one of the major reasons we wanted Hotsync was to get our old data onto our new Pre?! What good is Memos is I can't get existing data into it?

    Yes, I've used DTA and have my memos in the WebOS Memos app (along with all the "Intellisync Record ID...." tags its been littering them with over the past several years) but so far I prefer the Classic "List" paradgim over the WebOS "PostIt" one. Plus, I can now use Palm Desktop to edit all those tags out. Have to do that by hand in WebOS
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    Quick Guide for Setting Up Bluetooth Hotsyncing with Classic (& Windows Vista + Palm Desktop 6.2):

    1st Pair the Pre with the PC. Go to the Bluetooth Devices Icon in the bottom right hand taskbar if it's there (or look for it in the Control Panel).

    Then turn on Bluetooth on the Pre and add make sure the device and click on "Add Wireless Device" in the PC Window for Bluetooth Devices. Windows will then try to pair the Pre with your PC by offering a passkey that you input into your Pre. On the Pre look to see if the device you’re trying to pair with (your PC's name) is present in the device list.

    If it's there, then (here's the part that was glossed over in the Motionapps video) go to Control Panel and then "NETWORK CONNECTIONS" window and look for "Personal Area Network": "Bluetooth Network Connection" within this window and click on the icon. This will take you to a new window which should show your Pre. Hopefully the Pre shows up for you to connect to. Click "Connect".

    If you're successful, you'll see that the device (your PC's name) on the Pre (the card for Bluetooth settings in the Pre) will be highlighted. There should also be an Earth symbol.

    Now you're ready to go to Classic and hotsyc! Good Luck. Hope this helps someone out there!
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    OK, got my memo data into Classic by setting up the new user name in Palm Desktop, and then copying all the Desktop memo files from the old profile to the new one and running Hotsync again.

    But still, did it have to be this hard?
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    Okay, quick question. Everytime I hotsync the window comes up asking to either sync with a new userid or one I already have set up. Is this supposed to happen everytime? The reason I ask is because when I have to do that hotsync then reinstalls all the files from the backup folder, which are outdated because they don't backup correctly when I hotsync in the first place. Any ideas?
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    I can hotsync over Wifi on ANY Wifi Network except my house or office. I can even sync using mytether. I have an SMC router at home and Buffalo at the office. I am using the same Laptop, and same Pre obviously, at home and office as I am when at a Starbucks or other publc Wifi Spot, yet my Pre cannot find my laptop when using home or office network. I have checked and doubled checked the IP address, and know my way around a computer. I have turned off my firewall, and still no connection. The firewall does not impede connection when using Mytether or at a public Wifi hotspot. Anything else I should be looking for?

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