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    I am curious if there is a way other than the app catalog to get app catalog apps.

    I use preware to load homebrew apps and thus have too many apps loaded to use the app catalog. There are a few apps in the catalog, that I'd like to try out, but I can't seem to get them.

    Any suggestions? I really hate to have to unistall a bunch of apps every time something of interest appears in the catalog.

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    I've looked into this too, even called Palm on it. Once your 233MB (or whatever, but its around that) of space allowed for apps is filled up, you're screwed. I've looked around on other sites as well and have turned up nothing. TOTAL BUMMER. That seems to be the biggest fluke with the Pre, you cant use your 8GB of space for apps. That 8GB is just for PIM (Your pics, music, videos, etc)
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    so when the pay app catalog finally launches half of the pre owners won't be able to buy any... Good job Palm! This needs to be fixed cause i'm not ditching homebrew. What were they thinking?
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    why not try to repartition the drive?

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