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    I'm having trouble syncing my contact info onto my Mac with the Missing Sync. It works fine for photos and music and stuff, but the USB sync doesn't do contact info, and I can't seem to get the wifi sync to work.

    I successfully did it at least once, and have a missing sync profile version of all the data I want. I even set the default on the Pre to create new contacts in the Missing Sync profile.

    Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
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    I am a previous user of Missing Sync for the Palm. I have had Missing Sync for the Pre (Mac Platform) since its Beta release and presently have the latest paid version. Despite countless hours of correspondence with and carefully following the instructions of Mark Space technical support, I have never been able to fully synchronize either iCal or Address Book. Sometime the synchronization/overwrite fails at startup. Sometime it makes substantial progress. In all instances it eventually fails. Mark Space has been provided with verbose logs of these attempts.

    The simple fact is Mark Space technical support ("support" is a misnomer) does not know what the problem is or how to fix it. Moreover, from reading these forums, it is clear that I am far from alone in suffering these issues. Given this, one has to ask why Palm is permitting this program to be sold through the App Store?

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