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    I just noticed that when I get directions in Google Maps it gives me the option of selecting by car, by train or walking. Did the webOS version always have that feature or is it something new? It also seems that there's a history of addresses which I don't think was there before either.
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    I don't remember these features at all. They aren't reflected in the change log either.

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    Awesome! Now Google Reader works better now, too. Now all we need is for the web client for GMail to be fixed, and the Picasa website to be updated to look like something written in the 21st century.

    Still -- great to see progress!
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    was using this to get home and saw walk, drive, of publis transportation, nice faeture
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    If they can add the compass feature like the iPod, then it would be even cooler.
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    so in the google maps menu-->help&terms-->About

    the version is 5.8

    anyone know what versions were before?
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