One of the persistent complaints about the Pre that weve all voiced (or heard others voicing) is the lack of apps. We know Palm is aware of this, is trying to get all the pieces together in the last few months, weve had a developer SDK (since updated) and now, a paid app catalog (with the most recent WebOS). Combine that with a meaningfully large base of Pre phones in the market (around 600,000 or so), and there's enough of a market and infrastructure for a developer to get started.

The big question now is, with all this available, are developers working on Pre versions of our favorite apps? I thought the best way was to contact them directly, and Ive summarized what Ive heard from the developers below.

All these were contacted over the last week, and all have iPhone apps:
Amazon (Kindle app): Customer service passed on my request to the developer group
WSJ (Wall Street Journal): Recommended I use the mobile website (
NY Times: Customer service passed on my request to the developer group. [Yeah, they have an app today, but doesnt support some important features like offline page retrieval, landscape mode, etc.]
Zagat: In the process of developing an app (wo-hoo!). No ETA
Kayak: Not in development; lower priority than Symbian/Android. Has a developer API for 3rd parties willing to create apps
SPG (Starwood): Didnt hear back
Shazam: Didnt hear back
Hopstop: Didnt hear back

As you can see, most of the times, I didnt really get any worthwhile information from the developer. And yet, and yet ... if enough of us write in about it, I hope it will accelerate the process somewhere within the bowels of these companies.

So, there are two reasons Im starting this thread:
1. Get the word out to the developer that you are a Pre owner who cares about having an app. Seriously, this matters. In the words of the person I heard back from Kayak, I can tell you we had several requests per day for a KAYAK iPhone app for the six months of the iPhone App store. We've had exactly three requests for a Pre app since it's launched, including yours. (Emphasis mine). Seriously?
2. Share what you know about the development status of your favorite apps. Maybe you know more, or have a more recent update. Im sure this community will appreciate knowing.