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    I am having the same problem too!

    Trying to isolate this. Anyone else running SKyscape programs. It began acting like that i think hen i installed it.
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    2.0 is out and I'm checking out my apps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bdhu2001 View Post
    2.0 is out and I'm checking out my apps.
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    I have loaded Classic 2.0. When I hook up the Pre in USB drive mode and look at the available folders, I don't see the "VirtualDrive" anywhere. Where should it be showing in the list of folders?

    Is it called something else in the folder list? I put a bunch of files in the "ClassicApps" folder but the Palm OS doesn't recognize any of these files so I assume that this folder is not the virtual drive.

    This is my file structure:
    -ClassicApps(DCIM [Palm]/Install/Palm [Backup/Launcher/Programs])
    -palmos (datamgr [DCIM>Palm]/Palm_DM])
    -virtual-keyboard (.sounds/.themes)

    None of these folders show anywhere close to 4G of memory that card info says is in the virtual card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retrobits View Post
    I never had turned Alarms on since I installed Classic (I had turned on Turbo and Sound a few times). Anyhow, after reading your post I decided to make sure Turbo and Sound were off, then turn on Alarms and restart Classic, then turn Alarms off and restart Classic. Still no luck on the fix. I did notice that I needed to leave my phone asleep for approx 5-10 minutes for Classic to freeze.
    ditto... same problem when my device goes to sleep. Wake it up and classic is frozen. I have to close it and wait for classic to restart.
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    Not only does Classic freeze when the Pre goes idle, it occasionally causes my Pre to completely freeze up when I restart Classic, which means I have to pull the battery out of the Pre to recover. I've been a user of Classic since early July, and frankly, I'm giving up on it, it's completely unusable. When you open a problem ticket at MotionApps you get stupid responses like "if it freezes up then exit Classic when you're done using it." Frankly, I don't think MotionApps cares to work out the stability problems. They've known about these problems for over a month and have they issued any updates? Not a one. Each release of Classic (of which there have only been a couple since June) makes it more unstable.
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