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    It is confirmed, there is a cursed kill switch in webOS 1.2.

    Found here.
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    ... Honestly, that's not confirming anything. All it's saying is that they reserve the right to use a kill switch if they like. That doesn't mean it's currently even possible in 1.2. You'd have to look at the actual code to confirm that.

    It might be there, but it's just what you're citing is not confirmation in any way.
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    Palm clearly states in the user agreement, that it gives them access to “add, remove, disable access to, block, or modify remotely” any application you may have installed to your Pre.

    What part of that you did not understand?

    So, it CAN be done if they say so, right?
    Or Palm is just playing?
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    If you read it it only gives them rights over Apps from the App Store not all or any App on your PRE.
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    And I could write a user agreement for my application that says that I reserve the right to do anything. That doesn't mean that the application actually does it yet.

    There's absolutely no confirmation in a user agreement that the capability is actually finished in the underlying code. I'm not sure what part of that you don't understand.
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    there must be kill switches to protect users against malicious code and to remote wipe phones that have been stolen. It's a business security issue and you're not going to get phones to be accepted as business tools with out similar security features. That likely isn't important to people using their phone only to twitter, etc. but from Palms standpoint they need business. Because it's a massive number of users. It's important, it's necessary, and they don't and shouldn't care that a few people don't like it.
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    Is it really that big of a deal? Every major phone maker with and app store of sorts has similar capabilities. It's nothing new and we aren't alone.

    What happens if a app comes out that is somehow malicious or has some horrible security leak. This makes it as simple as Palm pressing a few buttons and resolving the issue before major damage is done. It could be a good thing.

    Just my .02.
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    Also, if an app is released and it violates copyright laws (copied code, copied images, etc), if Palm gets a take down notice they can easily disable/remove the offending app if needed and avoid getting sued. And they are required by law usually, so they are making sure they can comply.
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