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    I did a little searching of the forums and didn't see anyone posting about the issue I have been having. Please forgive me if this has been discussed elsewhere.

    I am unable to view the body of some emails I receive. I have a feeling that it has something do to with html formatted messages, but I am not sure. I can see the subject line but when I open the message the body is empty. I can't read messages sent from my wife on our laptop from Mozilla Thunderbird. I also just had one from ebay that did the same thing.

    Anybody else had this issue or know anything about it?
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    I have the exact same problem. It only happens only to my exchange email account. It's not acceptable that I can't read some work emails especially. Hopefully a fix is coming soon.
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    Try setting up your account as IMAP. I also have problems with my exchange account, but after I switched to IMAP the html messages render fine.
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    I have the same problem with Exchange account. It does not render HTML email properly. IMAP accounts work fine. We shouldn't have to link to Exhange as IMAP to make them work. I can't believe this has hasn't been fixed in 1.2.
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    Double checked and the account I am having issues with is set to IMAP.

    Maybe I need to be a little more clear with the issue. I have two accounts set up - a Gmail account and an account from my webhost. The Gmail account works fine. Its the hosted email account that doesn't seem to work right.

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