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    Could it be true?
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    Yep. This has been discussed a couple of times and isn't that new. That's the eReader software from Fictionwise, they're talking about. The head of Fictionwise was quoted a couple of months ago as saying they are actively working on a port and hoped to have it soon. Fictionwise/eReader seems to want to be on all major mobile platforms, and is fairly "open" for a web bookstore (although they've been bought by Barnes and Noble, so that could change). I like their approach and would love to see a WebOS eReader (I've used the PalmOS version under Classic, which works pretty well).

    There's a major thread about ereaders here:
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    Here's the original quote from Scott Pendergrast of Fictionwise back in June. Says Android in "late summer" to be followed by Pre ... no Android yet, so I wouldn't hold my breath. But hopefully in a couple of months.

    eReader on Android Soon, Planned for Palm Pre Later

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