As I was out jogging this morning I had an idea for a app that maybe someone could take and run with. I was listening to a very dry tech podcast and realized that it wasn't much for motivating my work out. The Pre is really good at switching the different audio sources as you use it, like fading your podcast out to bring up the ringer on an incoming call, or pausing a podcast when you bring up pandora, etc... I thought it would be great if I could listen to some music at a low level at the same time as the podcast. That way I would get to hear the podcast and have some upbeat tunes to keep my pace up. Then I wondered if you could split the audio and send it to different ears making it easier for your brain to understand each audio source merely by thinking about which one to pay attention too. You could also use an app like this to test out Mash ups of different songs or use it as a pocket DJ setup for cross fading from one audio source to another. Just a thought, what do you think.

BTW, this is a great resource and I would like to thank all of you who have done such great work on the Hombrew.