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    I've installed the Terminal appication several times and I must be missed a required step or application that requires installation, but when I open the Terminal application I only get a black screen. I wait minutes, but it still doesn't do anything else. Opening another terminal just gives me another black terminal card.

    Any ideas on what I am missing?

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    Forget it. I got it. I uninstalled the plugin and then reinstalled it and it worked. Not sure why it didn't install properly the first time, but at least it is working.

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    I experienced the same problem and thanks to seeing your post... fixed with the same solution.

    Company won't let me VPN from my phone... so how about a reverse IP tunnel? ;o)

    No, I won't be writing any code on the Pre as someone suggested they might do in another thread... but I do have stuff to monitor... possibly make tweaks to scripts/etc... how cool is it that we can do it from a smartphone? (would one of those bluetooth, projected keyboards be an option on the Pre?) My second day with the Pre... I absolutely love it! From this to tethered access to the web for my laptop... very cool stuff.
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    When I installed the terminal with PreWare, it installed the dependency (the terminal plugin), but didn't prompt me for running the plugin install script. I suspect this is the source of the issue. I deleted the terminal and the plugin, then installed the plugin first (and it prompted me for the install script). Then I installed the app and it works now.

    I just went back and re-read the application information page for PreWare on It specifically mentions that "Preware does not individually sequence dependencies during installation" in the "Limitations" section of the Wiki page.
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