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    Is there a call block app yet ? I need a blacklist app that has a list of black listed numbers I can add from my recent calls list, and then when those numbers call again the app automatically picks up and hangs up so i don't get voice mail or anything. I have been getting to many telemarketer calls!
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    Is there any call block or call filter app for the Pre yet?
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    This would be indeed nice to have.

    Someone please make this....
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    don't specifically quote me on this .. but i had a less then awesome ex-girlfriend who stalked.. i mean bothered me a lot.. and when i called sprint concerning this.. they told me that there was a tab function on the website to block, and black list numbers.. I never actually went looking for it, but it wasn't the first time i had heard of it being there either
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    I am still using my Centro because of this reason. I use Callfilter to block any unwanted calls or text messages. I know you can add numbers on the sprints website to block some numbers from calling you but with callfilter you can add rules to block calls and text in detailed manner.

    Please can someone make this for pre?
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    You can block who texts you through the Sprint website, but I don't know if it applies to calls as well. I will say that the only person I blocked from texting me hasn't called either... so maybe?
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    It's called Google Voice.
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    Also, if someone does start working on having an 'away message' of sorts for texting possible?

    I am currently playing in a co-ed softball league for example.

    I would like to auto reply a text to anyone who texts me saying, "I am at my game right now so I can't reply. I will reply as soon as I get the chance."

    That would be neat.
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    There is a patch for it.

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