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    Weird one, I added some events to my Google calendar on my laptop, like I have done many times, this time whoever, I couldn't see the events on my calendar unless all calendars were set to view, yeah yeah I know "were you looking at the right calendar" yes I was.... what i found out is there is a second calendar just with a different color, that is syncing to the same account. In other words i have multiple accounts and multiple calendars being synced, but these two are identical. both are syncing "" I think ok that's a strange one got to accounts and prefs and there is only one instance of the account there, so i figure delete it, and poof they will be gone on the calendar... ..bzzzzz wrong answer, the main one that has worked all along is gone but the phantom one still exists.
    Any one have any ideas short of hard reset, and starting over.


    yes i rebooted... multiple times
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    There's always next year!
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    sorry but i have to BUMP this, i hope someone can help
    There's always next year!

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