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    Hey --

    While I'd love a homebrew scrabble app (someone? maybe?), ideally I'd like EA to make a version of their iPhone scrabble app for the Pre. It allows you to play against facebook friends who are using the facebook app.

    It really shouldnt be too hard... it's not graphics-heavy. It's the perfect game for the pre!

    Their emails are and

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    Sent a request. Told them I'm an avid Scrabble player on the Nintendo DS, but would like it on the Pre that I take everywhere.

    Let's think positive!
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    if i email EA i'm asking for Fifa and Madden and the sort of games they have on the iphone.
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    I'm emailing too...Scrabble is the only reason I still keep my Treo 650 around and powered up! Well, that and Pocket Tunes. ;-)
    Palm Pre owner...for now, at least. :-p
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    A HomeBrew scrabble would be awesome if it weren't for Hasbro coming after whoever builds it and burn them alive. We'll have to wait until there's an 'official' version....
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    In the meantime, Word Ace has been a great substitute for a word puzzle fix. Hell, it'd probably be my preference.

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