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    So after being a part of this site for a little while now and reading a lot of posts about battery life and how it sucks got me thinking. Ive had my pre since day one of its arrival into stores. I havent had any problems with the battery and mine actually lasts when I text all day and use the internet and such. It started dying pretty quick within the past week and the only thing I did differently was having apps for the app catalog. So what I was wondering if the sprint apps take up more battery power just checking for updates and what not because after I deleted the apps from the catalog my battery is back to normal and lasts all day with web browsing and constant constant texting

    anybody have any thoughts on the subject?
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    hmm...i know they dont check for updates as if you want ot update you have to do it manually...

    what apps were installed at the time...that would be interesting to figure out

    my bet is that one of the apps is keeping the radio or processor running in the background even if the app is closed.

    Can you list the apps you noticed a difference with?
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    Ive had goodfood and fandango on there for a while and they didnt do any difference but when I put the new deadman(basicly hangman) on my pre it was killing my battery 20% an hour and I wouldnt even use it
    then after I deleted it my battery is normal
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    It's certainly possible some apps have memory leaks. Hard to say.
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    Yah...that one is a huge app and I thnk it might have a does seem to drain a bit faster with it installed, but only after you run it once.

    Try a different hangman...there is like 3 versions out in the homebrew i believe.
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    am for battery life no need to save a brand new battery has been made for the palm pre released two days ago i got it already....last longer than the one it comes with...

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