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    Would anyone (presumably Muslim!) be interested in an application that calculates the Hijri date, prayer times for today, and qibla direction?

    If sufficient interest is generated, then I'd be wiling to write something like this. It would not be that difficult to do, because the prayer time calculation libraries are already written, conveniently, in Javascript!

    P.S. The main benefit to such an application over the web-based solutions would be that it would work even with no signal, it'd look better (!) and it would use location services when you are in an area with cell signal.
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    I for one would love that!
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    There's a homebrew app that might meet your needs:

    Good Muslim
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    I would love to get this as well with notifications of Azan that can be closed whenever in the office for instance.
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    Off course I would love too. In fact I was searching for prayer time application when I came across this thread. I know it has been a long time but hopefully it will open the subject again.

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    I have successfully installed good muslim app in my hp veer, but location service problem..

    what can i do now?
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    Qiblah direction does Not work in Good Muslim. I use this app every day.
    We need a better Muslim Prayer App which give payer time as well as direction if possible with notification.

    if god gave you knowledge use it to help out your brothers, so if you can and have some time to make better app.
    my advise please make a better app.
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    What happened to development on this? i would love ann app like this for my touchpad

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