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    New Apps in the Catalog ?????

    Hey everyone, I decided to check the App Catalog today and there were about 9 Apps that I have never seen and when I clicked on them it goes to a blank page. Lemme know if I am crazy or not

    Apps: (13 and counting)
    Reversi by Rick Boatright
    PicHunt - Space Explorer by EpicTilt
    PicHunt - Pets by EpicTilt
    PicHunt - Vintage Car by EpicTilt
    P2Snippets by P2Labs
    MediPDA by
    Send My Location for webOS by Sofware for Moblie Phones...
    TipCalc by Jamwam
    Hebrew Calendar Trial Version by Avner Arbel
    More Apps Since Posted
    P2GoogleVoice by P2Labs
    Ditto by Revision X Games
    DeadMan by Fusion Creative Studios
    Survivor Samoa by CBS Interactive
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    I am getting the same screen. Hopefully they will be available for download soon.
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    I get a blank screen when trying to go to an app's page.
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    I get the same. A couple more have popped up so maybe they're in the middle of syncing the catalog...
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    I rebooted and now its working fine.
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    Tried the reset and unfortunately didn't work, but at least we can see they are adding some If anyone does get to download them please screenshot them and upload them.

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