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    So when our homebrew developers get there apps in the app catalog will there be a charge for them? Or will they still be free? Just a little worried that all these great apps will get there and then we will have to pay for them. All of a sudden i have an extra 20.00 charge on my phone bill or credit card because i need an app.

    Just wondering if anyone knows?
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    That will all depend upon each respective developer, I would imagine. Some may charge, some may not. *shrug*.
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    If you really need an application that badly, I don't see why paying a small fee for it is such a bad thing. Developers have bills to pay too.
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    Keep in mind that apps with so high a price will be infrequent, as other mobile platforms show that there is not much of a market when the prices reach that level. As to apps suddenly costing money, look at the licensing terms via the Precentral homebrew catalog or an on-device installer. Certain things, like anything from the fine folks at Preware, will assuredly remain free. Many other developers have promised to keep their apps free too. And of those planning to charge, some will still let you keep whatever version you have installed, you just won't be able to freely upgrade. The ones most likely to hit your wallet of what is presently available are those apps (especially in the official catalog) that have "DEMO" or "TRIAL" in the title, as they exist chiefly to generate paid customers once the apps catalog supports credit card processing.
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    Either everybody else missed the point of the question, or I missed the point.

    Just in case it's not me, let me take a crack at answering that.

    No. You will not suddenly be charged for apps you downloaded before the app store came out of beta.

    Some apps may dissappear off of your phone until you buy them, and others may stop working, but you won't suddenly get a huge cell bill.

    It's also worth noting that app store will not charge to your phone bill at all. You will have to put a credit card on file with the app store.

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