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    The whole game is set up wrong, I dont understand how it can have so many revisions and still not right..... right now it's set up with the pieces on the silver tiles when the pieces HAVE TO BE ON THE BLACK TILES! I've posted on the game's thread and even sent a PM but no response, the game isnt right guys....
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    LOL. Damn, ur right. I just noticed it now that you pointed it out.

    Not that I play that often.
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    You are right man!..not to bash the developer (who did an awsome job on the app), but i think he should have used the checkers app on the iPhone as a reference for developing this app...I mean, the checkers on the iphone has that quality smooth feel to it (maybe its just me)...when you move a piece, it SLIDES to the area just as if you are actually sliding it yourself..while in the pre checkers app, when a piece is moved, it just dissapers and appears in the new position......i just want that "slide" touch to be brought to the checkers on the pre.
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    I can answer many of your questions.

    The author apparently borrowed the JavaScript code for the checkers game from this web site: - free java scripts, java applets!

    (I say apparently, because I did not examine his code, but the screens look identical to me.)

    It was intended to be used with a mouse, which is why you have to "click" with your finger instead of drag.

    Before he developed the Checkers app, I had grabbed the above JavaScript code and bundled it up as a quick & dirty app for the Pre. I did it as a learning experience, with no intention of making any big improvements to the code or releasing it in the app catalog. Here's a post containing my version, along with my gripes about the JavaScript program's logic and screen layout:

    FWIW, I tried reversing the loops, and could not get the board to draw backwards.....

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