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    Good morning Preemeis,

    In the last two days my phone has froze and then shut down. Sometimes (last two days) as I try and click on my icon that takes me to my apps, tools, etc. doesn't respond when I tap it.

    In fact just now as I did an update to my phone, the AccuRadio said that it had an update to be installed. I installed the update, and then exited the program. I turned on AccuRadio for a few minutes, but when I went to close it my phone froze for a few minutes, the Palm logo came up and I was up and running again?

    Perhaps AccuRadio is the problem??? I sure as heck hope not as I really, really like this app and don't want to get rid of it?

    Any suggestions out there?
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    uninstall it, reboot, then reinstall, old Microsoft trick. Have you actually listened to the accuradio app? There is a commercial every 3 songs, stick with pandora.
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    The problem is that I am in Canada and we can't get Pandora up here.

    I have Sirius in my vehicle, but would like to listen to decent radio when I am out and about.

    I tried the uninstall and reinstall, but still nothing. I think I will delete it for a few days and then download it again.
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    I installed the update for AccuRadio yesterday. When I went to use it for the first time driving home tonight, it wouldn't stay connected to my bluetooth A2DP interface for longer than 15 seconds without disconnecting. After three manual bluetooth reconnects, I closed AccuRadio and started Pandora. No BT problems for the rest of my drive home, but Pandora's screen was frozen on the first song that it played and none of the controls were working.

    I'm hoping that this is just a coincidence, and not that the latest AccuRadio update has problems.....
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    Similar issues with Accuradio. I'm also in Canada so its the only thing going in terms of radio.

    Problems include (latest version and previous one as of Sept 19/09):
    - Selecting the app and it never really finishes booting up..just freezes (this happens with a couple of other apps too, so it could be a v1.1 OS issue).

    - App stops running if I forward it. very random...sometimes ahead one, sometimes on start of 1st song...etc.

    - App volume *seems* low at times with volume maxed. Could be an OS issue though.

    - Stopped app and it sometimes stops responding. Close App and it still shows as if running in the top left of phone but no actual graphic on screen. Will sometimes suddenly show the Palm logo as if a 'soft' crash of some kind, then phone is fine.

    I turn my phone off almost every night and let the charger turn it on (cause the darn phone never stays OFF). Turning it off should actually reset the phone and hopefully kill any issues with prgm leaks.

    Other than least we have a semi working internet radio in canada...better than nothing.
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    canada as well.. no problems with accuradio.. works fine.. have not tried it with bluetooth though..
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    I believe you can use I tried it when i first got my pre and it streamed the music just fine. Its a website that you stream from to your phone, pretty good one to, can set it up just like pandora. Just an option. If that doesnt work you can download the shoutcast program from homebrew.

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