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    PreCentral member DanPLC has hit gold with his Music Player (Remix). Remix is one of the
    favorite Homebrew Apps and the most popular with over 140,000 downloads. Remix starts with the Palm Pre webOS Music Player and adds a slider, elapsed time, font and background colors, wallpaper, bookmarks, lyrics, resume play, and on the fly playlists. Perhaps the most amazing thing about Music Player (Remix) is that Dan has been working alone, part-time, for only two months.

    The Palm Pre has a list of great features. Unfortunately the Music Player is not one of them. In 2003, the Palm Treo 600 came bundled with Pocket Tunes 2.1. pTunes featured on the fly playlists, "skins," a "progress bar," bookmarks, and could even resume playing a long rock track where you left off. Sadly the Pre has not been able to meet Palm's own 2003 standards...

    ...until now!

    Now Playing

    The heart of any music player is the now playing screen. Music Player (Remix) updates the Pre's basic Music Player with a host of great features including bookmarks, lyrics, "Flylists,", and more.

    Flylists Add a track to an on-the-fly-playlist. See "Flylists" below

    Bookmark Set - Bookmark your place in a track. See "Bookmarks" below.
    Lyrics - Tap to search's million songs. See "Lyrics" below.

    Slider - Tap and hold the slider to drag forward or back.

    Elapsed Time - See the elapsed and remaining time in the track.

    Pause - You can also tap any title bar to pause or play.

    Artist Playlist - Flick up or down on the album art to bring up your list of the artist's songs.


    Flylists are on-the-fly-playlists that you make on your Pre. From the Now Playing screen or any songlist screen you can tap the Flylist button to add a song to a Flylist. You can make a Flylist anytime!

    Flylist button - On the Now Playing Screen or any song screen, just tap the Flylist button to add the track to a Flylist.

    Play a Flylist - Tap "Flylist" from the main menu and chose your Flylist.


    Bookmarks save your place so that you can Resume Play at same spot. Bookmarks are especially important when listening to long tracks, podcasts, books, or other long files.

    Bookmark Menu - Lets you Save, View and Delete Bookmarks!

    Resume Play - A special bookmark is set when you exit. On restart, tap Resume Play button on the Main Menu to go back where you left off in the track. It even remembers the where you were in your playlist!


    Ever wonder what the lyrics really are? Do you like to sing along but don't always know the words? Then you will love the new Lyrics feature. With just a tap, Remix will look up your lyrics in the massive LyricWiki database!

    Lyrics - Tap Lyrics to search nearly a million songs lyrics at!

    Lyrics Display - While your song plays, see what they are saying - perfect for Karaoke. Swipe up or down to move through the lyrics. Swipe right or left to move forward or backward a track.

    Lyrics Pause - Tap anywhere to pause/play your music while you read.

    Lyrics Slider- Move around in the song as you read the lyrics and see the time remaining.

    New Options

    Main Menu Remix - You can change the order of the main menu by just dragging an item to its new place. This example shows moving "Flylists" up in the menu.

    Main Menu Jump - Swipe the Title bar left to jump back to the Main menu from any screen.

    Wikipedia - Remix gives new Wikipedia options to help you find information about your artist's history, works, albums sold, members, and so much more.

    YouTube - The YouTube search is more accurate by now searching for the artist and song. You also have the option to search just on the artist.

    There's a Playlist for That!

    Music Player (Remix) also upgrades your Playlists. Instead of just showing you the song title, Remix also shows the artist and album. The new webOS 1.2.0 Notification Controls are also included.

    Artist & Album - Playlists now also show the Artist and Album under the song's title.

    Notification Controls - Tap to rewind, fast forward, play or pause.

    Need For Speed

    If you have even a few hundred songs in your collection, you know the frustration of trying to flick (scroll) your way through the list to find a title at the end of the alphabet. But Remix will get you to your song fast!

    Alphabet Selector - Tap a letter to instantly jump to your artist, album, or song.

    Fast Type - Just start typing the name of a song to go straight to your song. Playlists can now be sorted alphabetically to put you in that place in the list.

    Fast Loading - Even with all of the extra features, Remix loads fast.


    The basic Music Player's medium blue background can be hard to read. With Remix, you can pick any color or wallpaper. Try these. This example also shows the ability to move songs around to remix a playlist.

    Colors - No more boring blue! Tap "Preferences" and make it your own.

    Wallpaper - In "Preferences" you can also use any of your photos or wallpapers!

    Font Color - set a contrasting light or dark font.

    Whatcha gonna do?

    The question Pre owners are asking is, "What is Palm going to do?" The Pre Music Player is missing basic features from 2003. Music Player (Remix) gives Palm a world-class music player for 2009.

    Dan has been clear that Music Player (Remix) is just that, a remix. He has preserved each of the Pre's basic music player features and added more. Other features do not appear to be possible with the current SDK including an equalizer, support for streaming music, and other file types.

    The next step is really up to Palm. Hopefully Palm will either hire Dan or list Remix in the Palm App Catalog as a deluxe version.

    The question users have for Palm is, "Watcha gonna do?"

    And what will we do? Listen to some great music. Thanks, Dan!
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    I LOVE this app
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    one of my favorite apps hands down. sold my ipod nano because my pre is just as good as a music player <3
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    One other note...

    This is NOT the NanPlayer that we have been talking about. I am still very hopefull that we will see the Nanplayer in the Homebrew Gallery as well.

    One of the most amazing things about the Pre is that Dan did not start over in developing Remix. Dan started with Palm's basic Music Player and added some of the biggest missing features that we had requested.

    - Craig
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    so can you SAVE those on the fly playlists? or i have to creat a new list evertime i start the program?
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    Thanks for the info, I will try it out!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jupiter600 View Post
    so can you SAVE those on the fly playlists? or i have to creat a new list evertime i start the program?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jupiter600 View Post
    so can you SAVE those on the fly playlists? or i have to creat a new list evertime i start the program?
    Yes it can save multiple Flylists (on the Fly Playlists) but it can also use your Plalists from iTunes, etc.

    I should also point out that I have no interest in Remix or any of the other Homebrew apps except as a user. I am here for fun!

    - Craig
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    As much as I love Remix, I'll probably be switching to NaNplayer when it comes out simply because the dev said he's going to try to offer Last.FM scrobbling. It's a key feature missing for me that I know isn't going to be included in remix. Still great to have in the meantime.
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    Love this app. Well done.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gage006 View Post
    As much as I love Remix, I'll probably be switching to NaNplayer when it comes out simply because the dev said he's going to try to offer Last.FM scrobbling. It's a key feature missing for me that I know isn't going to be included in remix. Still great to have in the meantime.
    Here is the link to Last.FM. We should also note that Pandora is in the regular Palm App Catalog.

    In addition, Derek Kessler just reviewed a variety of other streaming audio apps for the Pre:

    PreCentral Homebrew Gallery bubbling over with streaming music apps.

    Maybe if there is enough interest there will be a full app for Last.FM as well.

    - Craig
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    I chose to use The Eagles Already Gone as a sample song because it has this line:

    So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains
    And we never even know we have the key

    Dan found the keys to unlocking the Music app: garbage into gold.

    - Craig
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    I'm really liking this app too!
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    Music(Remix) effin ROCKS!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dj ozone View Post
    Music(Remix) effin ROCKS!!!

    You could say that again. The developer is working overtime on this one. Great app!!
    Sony Clie --> Tungsten t2 --> iPhone3g --> Palm Pre --> Droid
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    Hate to say this because Blubble put soooo much time into his NAN player, but no way in hell i ever leave the music remix for another player.

    This player is PERFECT! Better then my Ipod, never thought i would say that after using the stock player
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    Kick ***! Huge improvements... very nice work!
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    Such a great app. I swear, just a day before it came out I was wishing there was a way to get to a certain artists songs while in shuffle. This app made it so easy, and added so many other great features. Great work!
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    Yeaah love that I can use pictures as backgrounds, and the fact that lyrics are so easily obtained!! no more googling for lyrics, loves it!!!
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    Forgive me for raining on the parade, but do we have licensing issues here? Is Palm's player open source? I mean, I know we can see the source and copy it and modify it, but that's different from distributing an app that is based on it. Perhaps there are enough modifications that it doesn't matter. I don't know the answer, just asking the question. Wasn't there some concern about redistributing files with Palm-written source and hence the need for a relatively elaborate patch system?
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