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    With the anticipation of the official release of Palm's App Catalog for WebOS, I started thinking about what Palm's full plans might be. For instance does Palm intend on offering a desktop access via the Palm Profile area? If the iPhone has shown us anything with it's success in the apps arena, it is we need the ability to manager them. I for one would love to see Palm expand the capabilities of the Palm Profile to offer additional services above and beyond the current backup services it offers.

    Having the ability to manage my WebOS device via my profile page would again show that Palm is thinking towards the future and not just looking at what everybody else is doing. Clearly Palm strategy is cloud based services for WebOS devices. However managing all the data and applications that will soon be supported is an area that needs to be addressed in my opinion.

    Should Palm decide to offer MobileMe type services like "find my phone", "remote wipe" and "remote lock" are just a few other idea's that Palm could again make it's WebOS stand out in the crowded field of smartphones.

    By offering services like what I have described above further builds on the Palm and WebOS brands. Thus removing some of the control the wireless carriers have over WebOS customers and allowing Palm to have that direct communication path with it's customers.

    Now if we wanted to really think ahead baring the legal issues that would be involved, image a further partnership with Amazon and it's S3 web storage. Being able to upload your media files to a secure location and able to access them from your WebOS device would be a killer feature. Plus it would allow Palm to release an additional service which could drive an revenue stream by selling us online storage associated with our Palm Profiles.

    What do you think they have in store for us?
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    Excuse me, I neglected to pose this as a question

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    Yeah, this might be the 3rd post today I opened up expecting some interesting news... only to find speculation.
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    added a question mark.
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    Haha its pretty funny that you're getting mad because you're reading about speculation. Every one of the 1.2 forums are 80% speculation. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely things I'd love to see in the update, and I can't wait for it... just funny
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    It's not the speculation that bothers me... I just want to know that's what I'm getting into :P

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