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    So I installed this language translator on my Pre using Classic.

    ECTACO Palm OS translation software. LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary English <-> Polish for Palm OS. Dictionaries

    The dictionary itself seems to work fine which is great. However, when I try to enable the text to speech feature, I get this message, "System software not compatible with TTS engine. The TTS library is disabled. Palm OS5.x powered handheld with Streaming Sound feature set and ARM processor required for TTS. (APP 8006)"

    So does this mean the TTS definitely will not work, or does it just require another app which enables TTS? I tried a TTS app called Moose, but got another error message, "Palm OS 5 and Sound Stream feature Set are required to run this application."

    Hopefully there is still hope. Thanks for any help.
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    not sure if this is applicable but:

    Audio/video codecs - due to licensing limitations there are no built-in audio/video codecs in Classic (e.g. MP3, MP4, AMR and others available on Centro).

    Classic v1.1 includes experimental sound support.

    To turn on sound in Classic, please select Options > Preferences from the menu. Change emulation mode to Games or Normal within the drop down menu.

    Sound indicator will be set to ON.
    Customer Support - MotionApps

    Does the app require any specific codec? That may be the reason for the problem...
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    Holy crap! It works.

    I just read the features again though, and it seems text to speech is only for English words and not Polish words. Arrgghh! This won't be much help in learning pronunciation.

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